Our Story

Ideas in Play early game design workshop

Ideas in Play was conceived soon after we (Nader and Jorge) met while giving talks at a technology meetup (Tech Nottingham) . It began with a conversation around the nature of creativity and building innovative products. New products and innovations need a village of complimentary talents, working together. We realised that our network of professional peers often revolved around centralised skill sets, Nader Software Development and Jorge Arts and Design. This lead to a simple question;

How can we bring creative talents together in order to build new innovative games and gamification products?

We realised that we needed to build a community, bringing various skills and talent together, to share their knowledge and work together. We started from humble roots, we created a simple meetup and ran workshops teaching people about game and gamification design. The workshops were very well recieved and we started to think about how we can aim higher.

Two years on we work with businesses and various creative talents to foster innovation to help them bring new game and gamification products to the market.

Our long term goal is to empower businesses and nurture creative talent to help them build and grow new innovative game and gamification products. We will do this by building a platform which stands on four pillars of growth; training, community, finance, and operational support.

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